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Cells cultured over a silicon chip with a hole intended for patch-clamping A chip I designed during my PhD (right), alongside a commercial chip (left) ReNaChip being demonstrated at Future and Emerging Technologies Exhibition, Budapest, 2011 Simulation of mesoscopic model of recurrently-coupled bistable population dynamics, with histogram of states Inilabs 3rd-gen Dynamic and Active-pixel Vision Sensor (DAVIS) CV (resume)


I find both the study of neural systems and the discipline of engineering them fascinating.

I've developed lots of know-how as a neuromorphic engineer, creating electronic circuits which in some way mimic computation in animals' nervous systems. This is partly to help understand how brains work and partly to search for better ways of doing the kind of computing that nervous systems are good at, for example, sensing the environment and working out how to move around in it. The circuits are integrated on microchips, so they're manufactured in the same way as the processors in personal computers, but the design is very different, often using flows of electrical current to imitate the currents which flow through the nerve cells in our brains.

I'm very curious to understand more about how our nervous systems allow us to function, and how our mental lives arise. I see huge potential in neural computation and in robotic technology to assist us and improve our lives.

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Simeon Bamford

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