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"Demonstration: Real-time machine-vision applications on a million-spiking-neuron chip", Merolla P, Alvarez-Icaza R, Amir A, Longinotti L, Bamford S, Taba B, Modha D, Akopyan F Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2014.

Interactive examples of spiking-neural-network machine-vision applications running in real-time on IBM's TrueNorth hardware platform and frameless Dynamic Vision Sensors (iniLabs). Each application runs on a single TrueNorth chip that can be configured with a network of up to a million spiking neurons, using the scalable architecture described in Merolla et al. (2014). This is the first demonstration of spiking-neural-network applications running in hardware at this scale and power in real-time.

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